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Hygiene concept – Hygiene measures

Welcome to HOTEL MUTTERHAUS DÜSSELDORF! Please observe the following instructions in our “External Hygiene Concept” for your own safety!

Our hygiene concept was created based on the Ordinance on Protection against New Infections with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Coronaschutzverordnung – CoronaSchVO) and the Occupational Safety and Health Standard SARS-CoV-2 of the Kaiserswerther Diakonie in the currently valid version. These regulations contain specific rules that must be observed by our employees and guests. The concept is constantly being adapted. Individual measures mentioned below may therefore change.

This “External Hygiene Concept” is a summary of our “Internal Hygiene Concept” with detailed implementation regulations for the hotel’s departments. Guests and speakers generally receive a “Guest Information – Lodging” with a link to the digital guest information folder or “Guest Information – Event”. There are also information boards in the entrance areas, at every hotel entrance, at the reception, in front of the dining areas, in the conference rooms, at the lift and in the sanitary facilities. The services described below may temporarily be unavailable due to current regulations.

Entry is not permitted if signs of illness are present
The interior and exterior of the hotel may not be entered by people/guests/employees with symptoms of respiratory tract infection.

Access requirements
In accordance with the applicable Coronavirus Protection Regulation, the Coronavirus Testing and Quarantine Regulation and the Coronavirus Entry Regulation, access for day and overnight guests (domestic or international) is only permitted with a negative PCR test or PoC antigen test with external test certificate depending on the case group. The test confirmation should be presented to the responsible person in the hotel together with an official identification document. The test must have been taken no more than 48 hours or 24 hours (depending on the case group) previously and must be valid during the stay in the hotel. Proof of vaccination or of recovery in accordance with the Coronavirus Entry Regulation – both together with an official identification document – may replace the negative test result and are likewise to be presented to the hotel (for validity periods see the Coronavirus Entry Regulation). All three documents are only valid with official identification. Access is only permitted with the necessary document.

Please note that access to the HOTEL MUTTERHAUS DÜSSELDORF will be denied to guests who have to undergo quarantine.

Prohibition of contact and social distancing

Inside and outside the hotel, the legal minimum distance of 1.5 m between people applies.

Mouth and nose covering/Medical masks
Throughout the hotel guests, employees and other persons must wear a medical face mask (surgical mask, FFP II quality or higher – in each case without exhalation valve, see below*) except when in their hotel room, at their seat in the event area or at their seat in the dining area and consuming food and drink.  A medical mask must be worn at the self-service buffet. You can purchase a medical mask (surgical masks) from the reception for a fee. * NRW State Ordinance: “Within the meaning of this Ordinance, medical masks include surgical masks, masks meeting the FFP2 or higher standards, in each case without an exhalation valve, or masks comparable to these (in particular KN95/N95).”

Guidance system, notices, distance markings and distances
The hotel has a guidance system for conference groups with assigned dining and sanitary rooms and entrances and exits. There are distance markings or devices such as barriers at the reception, distance mats, defined routes in the dining area, floor markings, notice boards (only one person in the elevator), blocking of individual sinks and sanitary facilities to ensure minimum distances, and a glass partition at the reception.

Disinfection and cleaning
Disinfectant dispensers are available for guests in the entrance area, in the sanitary facilities and in the dining areas. Before entering the dining areas, you must wash and, if necessary, disinfect your hands in accordance with the regulations of the state of NRW.

Cleaning of the public areas, the conference and dining areas and the hotel rooms has been adapted to the regulations. For example, public contact surfaces are cleaned regularly and in accordance with infection control after use, as are the contact surfaces in hotel rooms  before arrival and the tables in conference rooms. Small cards in the dining area (with the word “gereinigt”) indicate that the surfaces have been cleaned. The pass-through at the reception desk, room keys, pens and the card terminal are disinfected after contact with each guest. Light switches, door handles, handrails and other contact surfaces in the entire public area are regularly disinfected. Conference material such as flipcharts, flipchart pens, projectors, etc. are disinfected after each event if there is only one set of participants on the day of the event, or during the break if participants are changing. In the hotel rooms, additional contact surfaces such as telephone receivers, remote control, handles, hair dryers, etc. are cleaned or disinfected. Upon request, rooms will only be entered and cleaned by staff after departure. In that case fresh laundry etc. will be provided.

Possible infection carriers such as brochures, magazines, hygiene articles, etc. have been removed from the conference rooms, public areas and hotel rooms. These articles are available on request at the reception.

Rooms and corridors in the hotel are ventilated regularly. The conference leaders are responsible for ventilation during events. To avoid aerosol concentration rising, continuous ventilation, i.e. cross-ventilation, is recommended if possible. It is not sufficient to simply leave the windows ajar. If necessary, you can switch to regular (!) brief and intensive airing. In addition, rooms must be aired out at a minimum of every 20 minutes. In accordance with the requirements of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the rooms must be ventilated at shorter intervals in the case of special room occupancy.  Constant ventilation is preferred for the safety of the customers.
In the large hall, the small hall and in the dining area of the hotel kitchen, a ventilation system provides you with 100% fresh air (without circulating air) which is filtered when it enters the rooms and filtered when it leaves the rooms. An air purifier with H13 filter (without fresh air) can be provided in three other function rooms. Nevertheless, even here additional brief and intensive airing cannot be dispensed with.

Conference rooms

Conference rooms may be regularly occupied after consultation with the banquet department. Special rules apply to private parties. Larger event rooms can be booked at extra charge and subject to availability.  No possible infection carriers such as pens or paper are laid out or provided in the conference rooms. Moderation material will be provided on an individual basis for a fee. For your safety, there is no moderation suitcase with a full set of equipment in the room.
Participants must stay in the room and in the colour-coded area during coffee breaks and in the dining area during lunch breaks.

Gastronomy/room arrangement and procedure
Breakfast is offered in buffet form, whereby the customer must wear a medical mask for self-service. Lunch and dinner will be provided in individually assigned dining areas (conference groups by colour). A medical mask must be worn when serving yourself from the buffet.

Conference groups receive fixed meal times at staggered intervals which must be strictly adhered to. If there is a delay in taking the meal, the scheduled group has first priority.
It is compulsory to remain in your assigned seat. Seats are assigned, tables may not be moved and will only be changed on request at the reception (not by service personnel).
The table arrangement in the catering area allows a minimum distance of 1.5m between the tables. When passing through the aisles between the tables, sometimes only a distance of 1 m to each person can be kept. It is therefore mandatory to wear a medical mask here, as is the case everywhere in the hotel outside your own seat. The currently valid regulation can be found in the current version of the CoronaSchVO, or in the General Orders for the Protection of the Population of the City of Düsseldorf .

Dishes and cutlery are cleaned at a minimum of 60 degrees.

Gastronomy/food supply in the conference room
Glasses, coffee cups, water/juice, bottle openers and catering in the breaks will be provided at your conference seat. Supplies will be only be refreshed when guests are absent (whilst they are in the dining area). Packed snacks are provided for coffee breaks.

Public areas
The Alte Brotstube and the Business Corner are accessible after consultation with the reception. Please keep the minimum distance here. Office supplies, etc. are available at the reception.

Delivery, storage of guest material, suitcases, etc.
We have adapted the delivery of goods from our suppliers to the current requirements. Material from customers (conferences, accommodation) can only be delivered and stored on a small scale and upon prior written request. Guest suitcases cannot be stored at the hotel. On prior written request, a conference room can be provided for conferences as a luggage room – contact-free and unattended – otherwise luggage must be taken into the conference room.

Further measures
Cashless payment is preferred.

Our employees have been and are being trained in hygiene and infection protection regulations, protective measures and rules of conduct. We comply with health and safety regulations, such as hygienic use of work clothes and materials, adapted procedures for cleaning and disinfection, wearing mouth and nose coverings, social distancing in the office and work areas, division of shifts, regulations regarding breaks, business trips, conference calls, meetings, etc.

In case of illness during a stay or after a stay
In the event of illness or respiratory tract infection occurring after entering the hotel, guests and visitors are requested to immediately inform the medical on-call service of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung by calling 116117 and then the Düsseldorf Health Office on (0211) 8996090 as well as the reception desk. Should an infection occur after leaving the hotel, you are also requested to inform the hotel reception (0211-61727-0).

Updated 20-08-2021