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Hygiene concept – Hygiene measures

Welcome to Hotel Mutterhaus Düsseldorf! Please observe the following instructions in our “External Hygiene Concept” for your own safety!

Our hygiene concept was created based on the Ordinance on Protection against New Infections with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Coronaschutzverordnung – CoronaSchVO) and the Occupational Safety and Health Standard SARS-CoV-2 of the Kaiserswerther Diakonie in the currently valid version. These regulations contain specific rules that must be observed by our employees and guests. The concept is constantly being adapted. Individual measures mentioned below may therefore change.

This “External Hygiene Concept” is a summary of our “Internal Hygiene Concept” with detailed implementation regulations for the hotel’s departments.  There are also information boards in the entrance areas, at every hotel entrance, at the reception, in front of the dining areas, in the conference rooms, at the lift and in the sanitary facilities. The services described below may temporarily be unavailable due to current regulations.

In case of symptoms of disease
People/guests/employees with symptoms of respiratory tract infection be compelled to take a covid before entering the hotel .

Access requirements
The respective applicable ordinances, in particular the Corona Protection Ordinance, Test and Quarantine Ordinance and Entry Ordinance and explanations must be observed.
The Hotel Mutterhaus Düsseldorf cannot accommodate guests who have a positiv covid test. In these cases, the hotel is entitled to a contractual right of withdrawal; if this right is exercised, the mutual benefits are returned from the point in time at which the right of withdrawal is exercised.
Please refer to the following websites i.a.: https://www.land.nrw/corona Coronavirus Protection Ordinance, Coronaschutzverordnung and the Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations. These regulations contain specific instructions for staff and guests. As the regulations are changing constantly we ask all our guests to check the current status when planning their journey and again immediately before arrival in Germany.

Mouth and nose covering/Medical masks
Wearing of a mask is voluntary for guests. Medical mask (surgical masks) are available at the reception.

Disinfection and cleaning
Disinfectant dispensers are available for guests in the entrance area, in the sanitary facilities and in the dining areas. Before entering the dining areas, guests are required to wash and, if necessary, disinfect their hands .
Cleaning of the public areas, the conference and dining areas and the hotel rooms is carried out according to our high hygiene standards. For example, public contact surfaces are cleaned regularly and in accordance with infection control after use, as are the contact surfaces in hotel rooms  before arrival and the tables in conference rooms. The reception desk, room keys, pens and the card terminal are disinfected after contact with each guest. Light switches, door handles, handrails and other contact surfaces in the entire public area are regularly cleaned according to infection control. Conference material such as flipcharts, flipchart pens, projectors, etc. are disinfected after each event. In the hotel rooms, additional contact surfaces such as telephone receivers, remote control, handles, hair dryers, etc. are cleaned according to infection control.

Rooms and corridors in the hotel are ventilated regularly. The conference leaders are responsible for ventilation during events. To avoid aerosol concentration rising, continuous ventilation, i.e. cross-ventilation, is recommended if possible.
In the large hall, the small hall and in the dining area of the hotel kitchen, a ventilation system provides you with 100% fresh air (without circulating air) which is filtered when it enters the rooms and filtered when it leaves the rooms. An air purifier with H13 filter (without fresh air) can be provided in three other function rooms.

Further measures
Cashless payment and the use of the digital checkin and checkout are preferred.

Our employees have been and are being trained in hygiene and infection protection regulations, protective measures and rules of conduct. We comply with health and safety regulations, such as hygienic use of work clothes and materials, adapted procedures for cleaning and disinfection.

Updated 17-02-2023