Hotel room rates

Hotel room rates


Rates per night/room including VAT and buffet breakfast.

Additional local taxes and fees are charged separately and will be displayed on the hotel invoice.

We accept euro cash, EC card, VisaCard, MasterCard and American Express.

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Extra beds

Baby bed up to 3 years old / 5€, Extra child’s bed 4-6 years old / 15€, Extra child’s bed 7-16 years old / 25€

Arrival: from 3 pm Departure: by 10 am

The room can be made available at an earlier time of 11 am or later on request for a fee of EUR 50.

Event rooms

Bright and modern conference rooms in a wonderful ambience in the north of Düsseldorf


Are you looking for a representative location in Düsseldorf?


For the right start to the day
we offer you an extensive breakfast buffet.