Breakfast buffet

To start the day right, we offer an extensive breakfast buffet.

In addition to a finely selected of bread and baked goods as well as both regional and international sausage and cheese specialities, fine smoked fish, and crunchy vegetables, we also offer a large selection of organic food. Start the day with home-made organic Bircher muesli, organic boiled eggs, organic jam/honey or with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit salad – also organic. Our fine selection of sustainable teas and coffees from fair trade company Gepa leaves nothing to be desired. A glass of tea with fresh peppermint leaves, a glass of apple juice from the region or a glass of organic whole milk are particularly delicious.

You can of course also enjoy our extensive breakfast offer privately in your room.
Should you not be able to make it to our breakfast buffet, we will be happy to provide you with a selected ‘to go’ variant for your trip.

Monday to Sunday between 7.00 and 10.00 am