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Notes on accessibility for wheelchair users


  • Car parking spaces with a minimum width of 240 cm are available near the elevator at the side entrance and are designated as disabled parking spaces.
    Access to the rooms, the breakfast area and the conference rooms are accessible via elevator or ramp.
  • Part of the reception counter is lowered.
  • The entrance door and all doors to and in the rooms are at least 90 cm wide.
  • Corridors leading to the elevators, rooms and other facilities are all at least 120 cm wide.
  • The elevator is accessible via the side entrance, has an entrance door of at least 90 cm, a depth of at least 140 cm and a width of at least 110 cm. The control elements are at a height of 85-140 cm.


  • Rooms have at least 120×120 cm of space in front of the bathroom and in front of one long side of the bed.
  • There is at least 92 cm of space next to furnishings for movement
  • The key for the lighting is placed at a height of 140 cm.
  • A phone is available by the bed.
  • Desk is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Clothes rails in the rooms are between 100-200 cm high.
  • The mirror in the wardrobe is visible.
  • There is no emergency call button.
  • Sanitary facilities in the rooms are accessible and have no stairs.
  • There is at least 120×120 cm of space in front of the vanity for movement
  • There is legroom below the vanity.
  • There is 70 cm of space on one side and 50 cm on the other side next to the toilet.
  • On the right or left side of the toilet there are handles that can be folded out at a height of 80 cm above the floor.
  • The seat height of the toilet bowl is 48 cm.
  • The shower is accessible and has no stairs.
  • The shower tray is 90×90 cm.
  • The shower is equipped with handles, starting at a height of 85 cm, the shower head is adjustable from 110-200 cm.
  • A shower seat is available. The hairdryer is easy to reach.
  • There is no emergency call button in the bathroom.