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What Google really wants

On 6 November 2015 a speech by Thomes Schulz takes place at the Hotel MutterHaus

On Friday, 06 November 2015, a speech by Thomes Schulz takes place, a cooperation event of the Kaiserswerther Buchhandlung, the Hotel MutterHaus and the association Zukunft durch Industrie e.V.

Beginning: 7 pm, entrance free
Location: Hotel MutterHaus
Speech with subsequent panel discussion

Thomas Schulz, born in 1973, studied political sciences and communicology in Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Miami, and Harvard. Since 2001 he writes for the Spiegel, since 2008 as economic correspondent in the USA, where he started out with a report about the financial crisis from New York. In 2011he switched to San Francisco to establish a representation office of the SPIEGEL in the Silicon Valley. From there he writes periodically about economic and internet topics. He has been awarded with the Henri-Nannen-prize, the Holtzbrinck-prize for economic journalism and as reporter of the year.  

Exclusive insights into the most powerful corporation of the world

Via smartphone, internet search or navigation – Google is our gateway to the world. At the same time Google is considered to be overly powerful and insatiable. Especially in Germany the corporation struggles with image problems, now even the EU wants to get active against Google. But the corporation has begun to change. The corporate management firmly believes to be able to change the world for the better through technology. Therefore, the management converts the corporation step by step into a future machine. In Google‘s laboratories and research departments they work on self-driving cars, quantal-computers, cancer therapies, and a delivery service by drones from the air. Google-Software is going to operate even cars, home appliances, and self-developed robots. Satellites and balloons at the space border are supposed to supply the whole planet with internet.