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Hotel MutterHaus in Düsseldorf awarded with two Certified-seals-of-quality

December 2014

Since 9th December 2014 the Hotel MutterHaus bears the two sought-after seals “Certified Conference Hotel®” and “Certified Business Hotel®”. These two certificates, which have been awarded by the association of German travel management (VDR), have the status of recommendations and assist business travellers and event planners in the selection of an appropriate hotel. The Hotel MutterHaus in Düsseldorf has convinced auditor Petra Knölke-Pohl with good results and the fulfilment of strict criteria.

“We are pleased that we performed above-average in this extensive examination and that our focus on quality is honoured”, said hotel director Godje Berning.

To Godje Berning and her committed staff these certifications mean both the incentive and the obligation to carry on being great and even more professional hosts.