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Notes regarding accessibility for the disabled / on 2 barrier-free rooms

  • Stepless access to the rooms, the breakfast area as well as the conference rooms is possible using the lift or a ramp.
  • The reception is partially lowered.
  • The entrance, all doors to and in the rooms are at least 90 cm wide.
  • The hallways leading to the lifts, rooms and other facilities are all at least 120 cm wide.
  • The lift can be reached steplessly via the side entrance, has an entrance door of at least 90 cm, a cabin depth of at least 140 cm and a cabin width of at least 110 cm. The controls are all arranged at a height of 85‒140 cm.
  • There is an open area of at least 120×120 cm in front of the bath as well as in front of the area leading to the long side of the bed.
  • Open areas next to the furniture are at least 92 cm wide.
  • The key to activate the lights is located at a height of 140 cm.
  • There is a telephone next to the bed.
  • Wheelchairs do not fit underneath the desk.
  • The clothes rails in the room are arranged at a height between 100-200 cm.
  • The mirror in the wardrobe is visible.
  • There is no emergency button.
  • The bathrooms can be reached without hindrance.
  • The open area in front of the washbasin is at least 120×120 cm.
  • There is legroom beneath the washbasin.
  • The open areas next to the toilet are 70 cm on the one side and 50 cm on the other.
  • To the right or left of the toilet, handles that fold up have been mounted 80 cm above the floor.
  • The seating height of the toilet basin is 48 cm.
  • The shower can be entered without hindrance.
  • The shower receptor is 90x90 cm.
  • The shower is equipped with handles that are affixed at a height of 85 cm; the shower head is adjustable from 110‒200 cm.
  • There is no shower seat. The hair dryer is easily reachable.
  • There is no emergency button in the bathroom.
  • The parking spaces are marked as handicapped and are at least 240 cm wide. They are located near the lift at the hotel’s side entrance.